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General gifts will be used by Radiate Coalition to support the program or project that has the greatest need for support. If utilized stateside, it will be used efficiently and effectively in advancing the efforts of the ministry.

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Radiate Coalition is a 501(c)3 Texas nonprofit corporation.

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About Where & How Donations Are Used

Radiate Coalition exists to support frontline programs and projects – not the other way around. There is a simple business rule: “If you build it, you have to feed it.”

Opposite of burdening the ministry with stateside overhead or creating an upside-down dependency on the crisis, Radiate Coalition’s model allows it to invest in transformation-focused programs and projects that create independence for those receiving aid, while providing donors unparalleled access to transparent financials and expense reporting.

What is upside-down dependency?

Upside-Down Dependency occurs when an organization, missionary, or aid worker builds their existence upon a crisis and thus their livelihood depends on that crisis continuing to exist. 

In an effort to do more for international missions, many organizations pay to build a big “machine” stateside. Overhead, marketing, and fundraising costs can skyrocket. Before they know it, the organization ends up spending more on stateside expenses than what it costs to fund the actual programs on the frontline. 

Upside-Down Dependent organizations tend to tug at your heart strings about the urgency of the crisis while offering ineffective “band-aid” solutions that fail to produce long-term results.

Radiate Coalition desires to see each program and project come to a fruitful close. And as an organization, our stateside infrastructure requires minimal support to exist.

What are Radiate Coalition's stateside expenses?

Radiate Coalition’s monthly stateside administrative and fundraising expenses average less than $200. This provides for marketing (digital and print), networking (email and cloud services), and newsletter platform.

As an organization, this equates to stateside expenses of less than 2%. After donation processing fees (ranging from 0-4%), that means more of every general dollar received makes it to the frontline programs. This is what it costs to be able to raise and direct support to the frontline, while ensuring excellence and accountability throughout the process.

Other organizations may claim to send 100% to the frontline, but that simply means they are applying the cost of transacting your donation to someone else’s donation. No shell games here; just transparent stewardship.

Does Radiate coalition have employees?

Radiate Coalition is able to limit its stateside expenses thanks to the dedicated service of volunteer/missionary staff. Their voluntary service protects the purpose and mission of the organization from the risk of becoming top-heavy and self-centered on ensuring the livelihood of stateside staff.

Any missionary staff serving stateside raise 100% of their personal support separate from Radiate Coalition.

Thanks to our amazing stateside team, Radiate Coalition can fully invest in developing leaders and staff in the countries where we serve. All in-country staff for programs established or supported by Radiate Coalition are paid in full accordance with local labor laws.

What makes Radiate Coalition's financials different? How can they be accessed?

Far beyond any detail provided in a 990 report, Radiate Coalition provides public access to detailed financials of its operations and programs. Every penny received can be tracked by our donor at the same level of detail provided to our CEO/President.

We want to raise the bar in transparency and accountability for non-profits. Donors deserve this and the benefactors of assistance will be better off for it.

Radiate Coalition also wants to provide an example to be replicated by other organizations serving those in need.

We are currently developing a live-view financial tool for our partners. In the meantime, please click here to view 2018 report.

Are sponsorship opportunities available?

Radiate Coalition does not offer any child sponsorship opportunities. We believe this model of sponsorship can lead toward an unhealthy dependence upon charity to develop within the child and that this funding model can also be a slippery slope toward upside-down dependency for the organization.

As an alternative, Radiate Coalition offers opportunities to sponsor projects and facets of programs, such as the care provided by a full-time psychologist, an onsite construction project by local builders, or the opportunity for residents to participate in a special event.


To unite a frontline-focused coalition of transformative programs embodied by the message of Christ at the forefront and the pursuit of Biblical excellence in both quality of care provided and stewardship of resources.