From darkness to destiny

Freedom from abuse. Healing from the past. Hope for today and for tomorrow.


Justice for the Oppressed

“So that man who is of the earth may cause terror no more.” Psalm 10:17-18



Providing experience, tools, wisdom,  and encouragement for excellent care.


Our Mission

Radiate Coalition exists to develop, equip, and pioneer restorative programs that provide whole-person aftercare to victims of abuse, trafficking, exploitation, trauma, and oppression – as well as prevention education, aftercare training, family and community support services, and awareness efforts – across the globe.

How We Work:


Develop through training, assessment, and consulting


Equip through financial, program, and operation resources


Pioneer specialized programs that fill gaps in care

Why Radiate Coalition?

Message of Christ

Christ at the forefront. His love and salvation conveyed in truth and action.

Transformative Care

Providing care for the spirit, mind, and body. Not just to survive, but to thrive!

Local Discipleship

Empowering local leaders and staff to operate with Biblical excellence.

Obedient Stewards

Frontline focus with financial transparency and excellence in stewardship.

Casa de Ester

Our flagship program, Casa de Ester, is a Christ-centered restoration home for teenage girls that have been abused, exploited, or trafficked in Honduras.

Casa de Ester provides whole-person care to each resident. A dedicated staff of 11 highly-trained Hondurans, including a full-time Christian psychologist, help the girls through the healing process.

Founded in 2011, Casa de Ester has helped over 60 girls receive individualized healing, while working to reunite each girl with family or to support her as a young adult transitioning into society.


Discover the programs and projects directed or supported by Radiate Coalition

Homeschool Teacher | Honduras

Education = Empowerment. When a girl enters the Casa de Ester program with little to zero education, our team provides customized homeschooling. In order to enhance our homeschooling program, a dedicated teacher will be added to our team to oversee lesson planning, student development, and educational progress.

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Raised: $1,025

2020 Goal: $3,600

English Tutoring | Honduras

Help provide English Tutoring for the Casa de Ester program. Support provides for workbooks and 4 hours of weekly tutoring.

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Raised: FUNDED!

2020 Goal: $2,400

Legacy House | Honduras

Casa Legado offers safe, affordable housing for the girls that graduate out of Casa de Ester, where they can live while continuing their healing process and avoid being targeted by traffickers. 

The home provides both educational and vocational opportunities so the girls can rise above the cycle of poverty that is all to common in Honduras. The program is for girls 18 and up and is co-funded by the girls that live there.

Young Mothers | Honduras

1 of every 2 teenagers giving birth in Honduras have been impregnated by sexual violence. There is no program/home currently providing specialized care for these victims and their child. Radiate Coalition has the dream to establish this home, and is working in intial efforts to support select cases and initiatives.


To unite a frontline-focused coalition of transformative programs embodied by the message of Christ at the forefront and the pursuit of Biblical excellence in both quality of care provided and stewardship of resources.